Always - Pop Chorus

November 24, 2017

Recently I wrote a song for Pop Chorus, a Suffolk-based community choir who are raising money for St Elizabeth's Hospice. The track is called Always, and it was released on 17th November. The initial ideas for lyrics came from comments and quotes from the hospice residents themselves, and I used these as the basis of the lyric. The song was produced by Ian Curnow with additional work from Phil Harding.

All those involved were thrilled to see the song enter the UK download charts at number 65 - a huge achievement for a project with very little money or promotion behind it, but a fantastic result for all the hard work put in. Hopefully the hospice will receive a great contribution for their future from our hard work.

Particular well done to Yula Andrews who heads up Pop Chorus.

Paint Me In Colour

November 23, 2017

My second full length album 'Paint Me In Colour' is going through the final stages and should be available for download from all the major online retailers shortly. The album will be self-produced and will be a combination of live and electric sound, with a very positive and upbeat power-pop overall feel.

I'm excited to start receiving some feedback and hopefully be arranging a few gigs so you can hear the new tracks live. You can hear some samples on the Music page.

Sound of Your Heart - SM Town X Steve Barakatt

January 18, 2017

I was very excited about my first K-pop release, which was released on 30th December 2016. It's called "Sound of Your Heart" and was sung by a variety of SM Town artists. I wrote it with the very talented Ricky Hanley. You can see the official video by clicking on the picture next to this article.

I've also been working on several other tracks with various writers and producers for the Korean and Japanese music markets, and I've recently completed some tracks which have been submitted for some huge acts in Asia.

Jack Robertson

January 18, 2017

Summer 2016 saw the release of Jack Robertson's debut single "Set It Alight", which was written by myself, Jack and our management team. The single was released on July 15th and the official video on YouTube or by clicking the photo next to this article. I also went up to Glasgow to play Set It Alight live with Jack on STV's Live at Five. His second single "Circles", which I also co-wrote, was Number 5 on the Music Week Club Remix Chart this January!

Writing Projects

January 25, 2017

Aside from my own solo project, I also write for several artists, and am particularly involved in projects with Jack Robertson and Wulfy.

Wulfy, is a young singer who is creating quite a buzz behind the scenes. I worked on some tracks with production duo Darkstars with her as a featured vocalist. Since then my writing and production team have started working with her on an artist project. Our previous tracks are available HERE.

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