David Simon is a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal arranger and multi-instrumentalist from London, England.

He is signed to eeMusic/DWB Publishing as a songwriter and producer, where he writes for several world markets including the UK, Europe and Asia. David is a principle writer as part of an artist development and management team which aims to prepare repertoire for artists to be launched to major labels. His first international release was in Korea, with SM Town's "Sound of Your Heart', released on 30th December 2016.

David also works regularly as a live and recording session musician. He has won plaudits for his work as a vocal arranger, particularly his work with 'a cappella' choirs.

David is also an artist in his own right, and released his critically acclaimed debut album "Collision" in 2010. The album was positively received, and it gained nation-wide airplay, with several of the songs championed by BBC radio stations. The album also earned David a publishing deal, and he is now writing for artists based all over the world.

Six years later, and after a break working on various other projects, David will release his second full album, "Paint Me In Colour". Using new production skills learnt since signing his publishing deal, the new album blends the organic live band sound of his debut album with the electronic sound of the modern pop market; resulting in slick, hooky, melodic songs tied together by David's unique vocal.

Visit media > music to hear clips from both "Collision" and "Paint Me In Colour".

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